Is woman's krona 80 öre in Sweden?

If we make the salary verification also in Sweden on the ILO 100-base (equal pay from equal work), what is the result?

1. I took the tax statistics from year 2001 and the result is:

Women get 72,4 % of the employment income of men.   

2. I took the Time Budget statistics from year 2000-2001 (it is a year long study, but not beginning from
january first) and the result is: From 20-84 aged person's work hours men do 58 % and women 42 %.

Women do 72,4 % of the work hours of men.                 
Why do men more working hours per year than women in Finland?

 If a work hour of women is of equal value than a work hour of men, then women and men get
equal salary per yearly made work hour.

Woman's krona is about 100 öre, when we calculate salary per real done work hour.

Note: When I wrote my results in a newspaper, women in Finland began crying that they do so much more
homework. It is true that they do some more, but if we calculate together salaried work and homework, paired
men do 8,5 hours per week summarized work than women in Finland.

The same result is obvious in Sweden. From Time budget report you can see that in an age group 20-84 years,
men do more summarized salaried and homework than women in Sweden.
 If we study only paired persons in Sweden, I am sure, that the result is similar to Finland.

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